The curvy Mexican lovely believes her bountiful breasts were a gift from God. So upset was she at being board-like as a young woman, that she doused her chest in holy water and muttered "Please God, give me some breasts!" Exactly one month later, the miracle that is Salma's bosom sprang forth. She was happy, for a spell, until some producer types told her she would "never make it in Hollywood because of her height." She said, "I had my struggles. I am 5ft 2in and in Mexico where I am from, it was very important to be tall. People used to say that the short thing was a deformity. I was really upset about my height." I am now too, considering I'm 5ft 1in… This revelation about my appearance got me poking about the internet for some height classifications, and apparently I'm a whole three inches away from qualifying as a "little person." That, coupled with the red hair; I should really be down in Kerry, dancing at the side of the road for the Americans and charging a princely sum to be in the presence of my lucky charms.