It's fairly reminiscent of the Golden Globes Press Room Gallery, with the added bonus of Paz de la Huerta of Boardwalk Empire.

In case you thought "oh, she must've won Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series", she didn't. Julianna Margulies did for The Good Wife. In fact, Paz wasn't even nominated for that particular award. Nope, HBO's Boardwalk Empire won Outstanding Performance By An Ensemble In A Drama Series, and Paz was obviously invited to stay behind and have her own personal photo shoot, 'cause she's the shy and retiring sort.

The attending photographers must have been dismayed she wasn't sporting her customary spaghetti strapped slip of a thing (indeed, she got turned away from several after parties post Golden Globes for being so piddle eyed she kept falling over when she wasn't randomly flashing) to something slightly less hazardous after many mimosas. The next thing she should tackle is the dreaded sheen. Might I suggest a wedge of Papier Poudre in the bra. Whenever she's wearing one.

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