You may have seen this little piece from the New York Times doing the rounds, in which Republican speaker Paul Ryan supposedly left the White House following the defeat of the Trumpcare Bill and blasted Papa Roach's seminal 2000 hit, Last Resort, from his SUV as he drove away.

The supposed screenshot, tweeted by Justin Halpern, has now been retweeted just over 16,000 times - and, yes, it actually is fake. The joke came in reference of Paul Ryan's earlier - and real - comments that he dreamed of slashing Medicaid and healthcare programs in the US since he was "drinking out of a keg."


However, the joke has clearly taken on a life of its own as the real, actual Papa Roach got in on the action with this little tweet.


In any event, the joke has gone viral and now - of course - people are coming up with alternates.


Who knew we'd be talking about Papa Roach in 2017 with reference to US politics? Truly, this is the darkest timeline.


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