Sacha Baron Cohen is no stranger to relatively elaborate disguises, often done with the expressed intent of making fun of political extremists.

His latest effort, however, was particularly ingenious - even better than the time he got into an Arizona country bar to sign 'Throw The Jew Down The Well' dressed as a Kazakhstani diplomat. Anyway, Cohen managed to infiltrate a far-right rally in rural Washington state yesterday afternoon by, first of all, offering to donate to the rally and then, offering to hire security for said event.

So far, so whatever.

He then booked himself as the final act of the rally, disguising himself as a bluegrass singer - complete with denim overalls and hayseed hat - and sang songs on stage about injecting Barack Obama, Dr. Anthony Fauci and others with the 'Wuhan Flu'. Not only that, Cohen's security were there with express orders to stop anyone from getting him off the stage or pulling the power.

To make things even sweeter, Cohen got back into the event after his stunt, this time disguised as a heavily-bearded, camera-wielding interloper who can be seen in some videos standing behind one of the organisers as they're being interviewed. The event was organised by the Washington 3%, a far-right militia group that's believed to have espoused white nationalist rhetoric in the past, though they deny this.

It's not yet clear what exactly the reason by Cohen's presence, however some are speculating that he's working on a new TV special, or possibly a second season of 'Who Is America?'. For that TV series, Cohen disguised himself as an Israeli anti-terrorism expert, a far-right conspiracy theorist and self-proclaimed "citizen journalist", a Finnish YouTuber, and an Italian billionare.

These disguises were all largely successful, especially the Israeli one, which saw him interviewing former Vice President Dick Cheney and getting him to sign a water bottle that Cohen's character claimed to use during water-boarding.