If you've got a smartphone, then the days of having a paper boarding pass are well and truly over, as Ryanair announce their latest app.

Ryanair have thrown themselves full force into a new campaign to get people to like them again after it turned out that they were hugely unpopular with pretty much every one of their customers, and the latest step is the introduction of the electronic boarding pass. 

Similar to other airlines who already have it in use, the idea is to go paperless, and to make things easier for the passenger who can now both book and check in using their new app, which is available on iPhone and Android. 

The app also allows you to choose your seats, add luggage and generally manage your booking as you might expect to be able to do on the website. If you've not got a smartphone, then it's business as usual, printing out  boarding passes or paying Ryanair's fine for not doing so at the desk. 

Via Independent.ie