Remember the bad old days of Ryanair, when you were coming back from a city break or holiday somewhere, and spent most of your time in the boarding queue frantically trying to mash your duty free bag or handbag into your carry-on luggage?

They seemed like a distant memory after the company relaxed its strict rules on allowing more than one item of hand luggage, which meant that you could essentially carry on your small suitcase (rather than checking it in) as well as a second smaller bag, like a laptop or handbag.

However - now the airline says that it's getting rid of the 'free 10kg carry on' bag rule and from November 1st, you'll have to check it into the hold at the boarding gate - unless you're a priority customer. Priority boarding costs €5 per customer if booked in advance.

Why the change, you may ask? Basically because people have been taking the p*ss and causing delays by 'repeatedly flouting' the rule and bringing larger bags on board, leaving no room in the overhead compartments for normal-sized bags to fit and therefore causing delays as staff try to fit stuff in.

It'll be free to check your 10kg bag at the gate - aside from a €10 levy at Easter, Christmas and "on longer routes during the peak summer months" - but still a major hassle to have to wait for it the other side.

As a compromise, Ryanair have reduced the check-in price for bigger (20kg) bags from €35 to €25.

Read the full policy below: