No word on whether or not they're going to bring back the idea of the toilet charge though.

Ryanair have some big plans for the future of the company as they approach their 30th birthday next summer, and by the time 2018 rolls around we may be looking at an airline that is very, very different to the one that started out all those years back.

In an interview with, Chief Marketing Officer Kenny Jacobs stated that they're still looking at transatlantic flights, and that he plans to do away with the garish yellow interiors of the cabins, amongst several other changes.

Jacobs said that the transatlantic service would be under a different name, "brought to you by that customers know they are getting the Ryanair approach, the low fares and straightforward service".

The plan is to connect four airports in Europe with four airports in the United States, and that while they don't have the aircraft at the moment, it is "possible that we could be doing transatlantic in about three years". The transatlantic option would include a business class (which they say would be a bit more like premium and less like first-class), but there are no plans to bring that optional extra to their European service. 

Furthermore, Jacobs said that top of his list is the yellow interior of the planes: "The yellow will change. The [new designs] are a bit more blue; they're involving pictures of destinations and customers and crew - obviously with nice happy smiley-faces" and they should be in place within a year.

Free WiFi is also on their radar within 18-24 months (a matter of getting the right technology on board) while they're also looking at launching package holidays by partnering with in a similar timeframe. 

Despite all these changes, he was keen to highlight that Ryanair fares have not increased, and will stay flat year on year, meaning that the customers are not the ones being hit with the costs of the new, improved service. Oh, and they are still "most on-time airline in Europe", of course.