Michael O'Leary has announced that the controversial calendar will be no more as the airline looks to change its image. 

Ryanair has been making plenty of changes over the past few months as they attempt to become more friendly and welcoming, and reinvent their image. The latest in those changes is the axing of the (in)famous swimsuit calendar, which was apparently an initiative of the cabin crew themselves to raise money for a good cause.

He told Ray D'Arcy that "unfortunately" the calendar was getting replaced a few weeks ago, and that it had made a lot of money for charity during the years that they'd been doing, around €600,000 in total. "It's no longer in keeping with the new warm and cuddly Ryanair", O'Leary said, and while they will have another charity drive this year, they "will struggle to replace it with something as good or as successful".

Ryanair today announced that they would be doing something to raise funds in 2015, but as yet haven't decided exactly what form that will take. 

Via The Daily Edge