Whoever's been going around saying that future royal Meghan Markle is a mate of Ryan Tubridy's, you need to get your facts right, she's a friend OF a friend, okay?

The Late Late Show host set the record straight on his RTE radio show this morning saying, "I mentioned ages, and ages ago, that back at the white house shamrock ceremony, which I loved - I was introduced to Meghan Markle as an actress in the TV show Suits. She was having coffee with a friend of mine.

"She was very very lovely and elegant and good fun. She was a very pleasant person to meet. I met her for about ten minutes in total. We walked from the W Hotel across the road to the White House and I said sure we might as well do a selfie for the craic."

Exhibit A - The Selfie

Despite how much like besties they look, Tubridy wanted to clarify that this was not the case.

"I mentioned this a few months ago, and it seemed to get into the ether that she was my ‘old friend Megan Markle it seemed to get out there that people thought I was seriously her friend.

"I met her for about six and a half seconds.

"I’ve been getting calls from the UK since she got engaged to Prince Harry asking me to take part in documentaries and I had to explain that I met her for seconds.

"There has been a terrible mistake, and I was joking!

"I do wish her well, and she was very lovely and good fun, and I think he’s a lucky man."

So in summary, NOT friends, now let that be the end of it.

In other news, Tubs has also denied any affiliation with seahorses or those posing as seahorses.