Of all the Oscar stories doing the rounds today is the one involving Ryan Seacrest, Jennifer Garner and Gary Busey (AKA Nick Nolte's twin). There was Ryan, tentatively trying to garner (slaps self on back) Jennifer and Laura Linney's attention on the red carpet when there was a roar off camera - "HEY, RYAN SEACREST, YOU, I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR YOU FOR YEARS!" Very strange considering all Busey ever has to do is turn on the TV. Instead of ignoring, Ryan exclaimed "What have I done?!" to which Gary replied "IT'S WHAT YOU HAVEN'T DONE THAT I'M INTERESTED IN." Ominous. Ryan somehow managed to engage the girls in conversation and it was just on the brink of becoming relevant when Busey bounded in shot to plant a smacker on Laura Linney. He would've inadvertently blanked Garner only Ryan thought it best to repeatedly introduce him to her (presumably in a bid to detract attention from himself) at which point Busey got busy on Jennifer's neck. He then roamed off. Obviously "the people" Ryan refers to in the clip are figments of his ego. Following the neck love, Ryan attempted to ask a wild-eyed Jennifer a question about being "super-mom" when she blurted "You're not going to ask me about being kissed on the neck on the red carpet by this man?! That was nice." Ben Affleck was nowhere to be seen.

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