Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney finalised their purchase of fifth-tier National League team Wrexham AFC earlier today.

McElhenney posted the club's crest on his Twitter account, as did Reynolds, with confirmation of the acquisition being confirmed by numerous outlets as well. Sportico, which first reported the story, also reported that the duo is set to invest £2 million into the club's infrastructure, and have said that a documentary about the team is on the way.

"These are two very successful people who have done great things on-screen and some great things off-screen," said Spencer Harris, the club’s director in an interview with Sportico. "They’re really interested in taking something with real potential, which this club has, investing in it, molding it and watching it grow. That journey is their ultimate motivation, and part of what they want to do is document that journey as they go. But I think it’s more about that journey."

Although Wrexham has had successes in the past, including the FA Trophy in 2013 and winning the Welsh Cup 23 times, they have been beset with financial troubles. The team spent 18 months in administration in 2004, and dropped out of the Football League in 2008.

However, with Reynolds and McElhenney's investment and the renewed interest in the team, the hope is that their fortunes will soon change. If nothing else, it's going to be pretty funny to see Mac from 'It's Always Sunny...' and Deadpool having a hand in a football team.