Ryan Reynolds has a certain way of dealing with news items about himself on Twitter, and those pertaining to his wife, Blake Lively.

He's also dealt with people mistaking him for Ryan Gosling (he ended up calling himself a c-word), and a few other items - but when it comes to his marriage and the question of whether or not it's on the rocks, Reynolds opted to deal with it head-on.

The story, just to put the whole thing to bed, originated from that stalwart of professional journalism OK! Magazine who claimed via an anonymous source that the couple were having trouble finding time to spend together given their hectic acting schedules.

Of course, Ryan Reynolds has been spotted out and about in Dublin during Blake Lively's time here filming the on-hiatus Rhythm Section - so the idea of them not getting quality time doesn't exactly seem realistic.

Not only that, nobody rips the piss out of their significant other the way Lively and Reynolds do without being in close proximity to one another.


Via Twitter