He may look incredible for his age but Ryan Phillipe's 42-year-old body took a beating this weekend after a "freak accident" left him with a broken leg.

Phillipe shared the news on social media, with a post thanking well-wishers and assuring everyone he's "going to be ok" on Instagram and a four-tweet thread on Twitter that said:

"Hey, guys. I didn’t injure myself doing a stunt or anywhere near the set of shooter. I was the victim of a freak accident during a family outing on Sunday. My leg is badly broken & required surgical attention, but I will make a full recovery, am in good hands, and will be back in action soon. Thank you for all the well wishes, support, & concern. Also a special thanks to the paramedics & first responders who helped me at the scene & to the medical staff caring for me now. I will keep you updated on my progress."


i'm going to be ok & i appreciate your concern. -🖤 me

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Phillipe currently stars in the TV adaptation of the 2007 film 'Shooter' starring Mark Wahlberg (it in turn an adaptation of Stephen Hunter's novel 'Point of Impact') which was due to film the ninth of its ten episode second season this week.

It's unclear how the series will wrap up without him but Paramount TV expect their to be little disruption, telling EW:

"We are working with our partners at USA and UCP to adjust the production schedule, but first and foremost we are happy to hear that Ryan is doing well and recovering."