Not quite, but hopefully we got your attention.

The actor stars alongside Michelle Williams in new movie Blue Valentine, about a couple who travel to a hotel in a desperate bid to save their marriage. No pressure. The film premiered at the recent Sundance Film Festival in Park City, and Ryan was terrified at the prospect of sitting next to his mum to watch it.

In some pre premiere patter with E!, he confessed: "My mom is here, and it's a pretty racy movie (GO SEE IT FOR THE SEX). There's a lot of naughty stuff in it (AGAIN, GO SEE IT, FOR THE SEX!), which is part of being in love, but still it's a worry. What we're going to do is I have got her an iPod, so whenever the naughty stuff comes up I will press play on the iPod (plug alert II)) and cover her eyes. I'm just nervous that my timing's going to be off and she's going to see some stuff she shouldn't see (GO SEE THE FILM, JUST NOT WITH YOUR MOM)."

His mother's probably thrilled he's starring in your average 'romantic drama with lots of nookie' romp, unlike last time, when she had to explain the plot of Lars and The Real Girl to friends and elderly relatives. By the by, if you've never seen the latter, it's worth a trip to your local DVD outlet.