I've been too busy reporting on every move Robert Pattinson makes of late, I'd forgotten completely about Ryan Gosling. How COULD I? Let's just take a moment to let that image of him from Crazy Stupid Love in which the muscles of his torso bend and curve like a calculus graph sink into our minds... Got it? Good.

Now, get ready to fancy him more than you thought was humanly possible.

Mr. Gosling has revealed that there's actually a lot more to him than his abs (or his affinity for puppies). Women don't just fall for his physical attributes, y'see; they fall because he 'listens'. As per The Sun, the Hollywood hearthrob says: "If I have any particular appeal to women, maybe it's because I listen more than other guys do and appreciate how they think and feel about things (you're KILLING ME)... I grew up in a family of strong women and I owe any capacity I have to understand women to my mother and big sister... They taught me to respect women in a way where I've always felt a strong emotional connection to women, which has also helped me in the way I approach my work as an actor."


Sorry, I just fell off my chair.

Let's continue; it gets worse. "I don't even think of myself as particularly good looking (come ON), and not at all a typical kind of Hollywood leading man sort of actor... I have a greater affinity for characters who aren't mainstream leading man kinds of roles. I hate feeling that I'm just doing a job for a paycheck." Speaking of his desire not to be pigeon holed into schmaltzy roles, Gosling says: "I've been fortunate to play in a few romantic films which impart a kind of romantic leading man aura to you... I don't think that's my destiny as an actor and I'm not pursuing those kinds of parts... I'm much more into twisted romantic stories like Blue Valentine, or offbeat kinds of characters like I play in the thriller Drive" On his years growing up as a troubled child, Gosling says of his time with the Mousketeers: "They would come and ask me questions about sex and I just told them what I had heard - positions and stuff... All the mothers went to Disney and told them I was corrupting their kids... I always thought of myself as an outsider."

Ryan currently holds the title for Time magazine's Coolest Person Of The Year, although much to the disappointment of his loyal (psycho) fans, he was beaten to the punch by fellow actor Bradley Cooper in People magazine's Sexiest Men Alive list. Having dated Rachel McAdams and Blake Lively in the past, Gosling's currently doing a line with 38 year old Cuban hottie, Eva Mendes... Damn her.