Ryan Gosling is in not one but two films at this years Cannes Film Festival, and as such we're being treated to even more charmingness of a nature so charming you wouldn't be able to put pants on for days at the residual charm left over from how charming he is.

Appearing in the uber-violent Nicolas Winding Refn film (he of similarly violent Drive) Only God Forgives, Baby Goose is going to get beaten to a bloody pulp before our very eyes which we can't really approve of but 'art' and whatnot. Anyway, besides that Gosling is also set to appear in a documentary about 'the cutthroat, demoralizing business side of movie-making' called Seduced & Abandoned, which sees James Toback and Alec Baldwin try and get financing for a Last Tango In Paris remake called Last Tango In Tikirt because again 'art'. There attempts are met with obvious resistance and lack of support by many, and they are told that if they want to make the 'movie' they need a Gosling type, if not the Gosling, and hence we arrive at Ryan's feet and lips to hear some brilliant stories of his Hollywood past.

He remains his quirky, oddball self while revealing things like 'his first onstage performance was with his Elvis impersonator uncle when he was three', and how when he was young, he loved movies so much his mother disciplined him by taking them away. And his response to this? 'I'd shove them down the front of my pants'. Why? He 'liked the way they feel'.

Anyone else and we'd be grossed out. But the Gos gets a free pass. Every. Time.