We've all seen the platinum pair skating in their psychedelic, fuchsia regalia — the perfect example of the fantasticness of life in plastic.

So far, the plot of the 'Barbie' movie directed by Greta Gerwig has been kept well and truly under wraps, spare a few snaps of Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie who look like Mattel puked on them (in the best way).

Ryan Gosling chatted to Jimmy Fallon on 'The Tonight Show' about how his 'Barbie' look "broke the internet". He expressed "I was surprised how, you know, some people were kind of clutching their pearls about my Ken as though they ever thought about Ken for a second".

"Nobody plays with Ken, man" he explained. He even discusses the unlikely sign that spurred him on to take the role of Ken. Fallon begins "You got a call, or an email from Greta Gerwig... she offered you the role of Ken".

Naturally, the actor wanted to take a minute and think things over, "I walk out in the back yard, and you know where I found Ken, Jimmy? Face down in the mud next to a squished lemon". Presumably, the work of his daughters, who are starting to really grow into their sassy sides.

Gosling took this as a sign. How could he not? He continues "I texted Greta [the picture] and I said I shall be your Ken, for this story must be told". However, he also admits that the writing was impeccable, "Best script I've ever read".

If you've had the pleasure of seeing Gosling as Ken in a ripped jean vest, you'll know that denim really suits him, especially in combination with the eye-burning blonde. Could this have been another reason Gosling was a shoe in for the part?

Fallon teases him about his history as a denim lover, as pointed out by Vanity Fair, "There was a thing in Vanity Fair, they said they think they know why you chose the role of Ken — because you have a love of jean jackets".

Gosling (not wearing denim, but rather a navy suit, salmon shirt combo) "There's no denim shame in my game". Right on, Gosling, right on.

Watch 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' interview in full here.