At this stage, Russia may as well just give up on the whole 21st century thing and revert back to the Middle Ages.

Y'know, when there were marauding warlords traversing the Steppes and so on.

Russia's friendly neighbour media censor Roskomnadzor has issued an open letter to the equally cuddly Young Guard of United Russia, warning them to be aware of emojis that are considered homosexual in nature and are a part of "the spread on social media of untraditional sexual relations among minors."


Emojis were recently introduced that depict male-male and female-female characters kissing one another and holding hands. However, it seems Russia isn't able to handle tiny yellow people just being themselves, it would seem.

Russia currently has a government-enforced ban on the promotion of what it deems to be the "promotion of non-traditional sexual relations" and created Roskomnadzor to monitor these things.

The organisation recently issued a ban on images that defamed or lampooned Vladimir Putin and have blacklisted almost 200 websites which it feels are seditious in nature.

Russia's anti-LGBT stance has sparked international outrage, with many governments calling for a reversal on their decision and calls for boycotts by international companies.