I think you'll agree that time in celebville passes at a similar speed to time for dogs. One year of marriage when you're famous is like seven for us peasants. Not only do their relationships run out of steam faster, when they do end, those involved also move on much quicker too. Here's Russell Brand, for example. We didn't expect him to embark on life of celibacy - I've probably taken baths longer than some of his dalliances - but we were sad to see him to make it so public so soon, and in LA of all places. Then again, maybe his former Mrs rubbed him up the wrong way when she used their seemingly traumatic split as a handy (and profitable) plot device in her latest concert movie, Part of Me. Just sayin'.

Anyhoo, Brand's latest squeeze goes by the name of Isabella Brewster and according to The Sun, if the British comedian's prepared to get her in a head lock while ambling down the street, then it MUST be love. Give me a break. The pair have been dating since Brand and Perry's divorce was finalised... last Monday.

The Daily Mail have dubbed Brewster (who works as a talent agent) as a 'serial dater' having previously been linked with Bradley Cooper and Milo Ventimiglia so we won't be holding our breath on this one. A close source revealed to People magazine that she is "cute. She is all over him and Russell loves it." Of course she does.

Admittedly, we're always quick to brand Brand (see what I did there?) as a bit of a heartless player, given his romantic past but perhaps his time with Katy softened him. Perhaps it will take something more than a hot bird pulling some tantric yoga moves to win his heart again. Reports say that Russell feels a "responsibility" to his ex wife and will always, no matter who comes into his life, have feelings for the Teenage Dreams singer. More on that here.