You know Russell Howard - blonde, blinks a lot, has own BBC3 show and appears on Mock The Week - anyway, he's felt the urge to say the following about Radio 1 breakfast DJ Nick Grimshaw and Harry Styles being pals. Forget the One Directioner giving Dirty Dancing lifts to Taylor Swift - or his litany of older ladies - that's all for show, this is what folk are really interested in - according to The Sun. 

Speaking with the newspaper for some reason, Howard said: "I'd say I am a famous comedian, not a celebrity. Some people latch onto it and become friends with celebrities. It's so odd. The one that intrigues me is Nick Grimshaw hanging out with Harry Styles. Like Nick is my age (not exactly, he's four years younger at 28) and Harry is about 18 and they play Frisbee together - it's really weird. How have they become best buddies? I'd rather hang out with my mates and do gigs."

Gigs, you say, any coming up you'd like to plug, perchance?

Speaking of their friendship of one year, Styles said: "We chatted a little bit and then we kept bumping into each other. Then we hung out a couple of times." Then one thing led to another and they're now friends. Fast Frisbee friends, with really amazing hair.