Even movie stars have to deal with everyday problems.

Just ask Russell Crowe, who threw a tantrum with Virgin Australia earlier today when his kids weren't allowed to bring their new segway boards/hoverboards on a flight.

The actor angrily tweeted @VirginAustralia about the issue, saying that he'd never fly with them again.



They replied:



This wasn't good enough for Rusty, who tweeted back:



Ah now, in fairness Russell, a bit of common sense wouldn't go amiss. That said, Virgin Australia had a reply for this, too:



A fan jumped in at this point and rightly pointed out that he should give himself a bit of a reality check:



... but he didn't take too kindly to this, either.



Yeah, Joel. He's just a father. Standing in front of an airline check-in desk. Asking them to let him take his kids' segway boards on the flight.


Other people had some amusing things to point out:



He's been quiet since, so we're on tenterhooks wondering whether he managed to get to his holiday destination at all. For god's sake, won't somebody think of the hoverboards?