Russell Crowe is refusing to wash on the set of his new movie. Everyone is suffering for his 'art'.

The Oscar-winning actor is playing the title role in Darren Aronofky's new movie Noah, and sources say he is shunning many of the modern world's inventions in order to get into character from the biblical times.

However, this includes not showering and or using deodorant, which has not gone down well with the other members of the cast and crew.

One source told National Enquirer magazine: "He's been experimenting with skipping showers, which is something he did on Gladiator as well (but things were different then, he was hot), to get an appropriately gritty look. He has to look like a very old, very weather man for this movie but you don't want to be inhaling when he walks past. He reeks."

Russell has also gained 15lbs for the role but sources say it is not helping his personal hygiene. The insider added: "All of this is combining to make a pot pourri of foulness, and everyone is counting down the days (particularly co-stars Emma Watson and Jennifer Connelly) until the project is done."

As is wife Danielle Spencer. Could be worse. He could be living on an actual arc with a load of copulating animals. Or smearing himself in whale blubber.