If you follow Russell Crowe on Twitter, then you'll now that he's into his fitness and he loves his rugby league.

He can often be found tweeting about both his workouts and the score when his side wins, which some people find informative, we suppose. Others found it annoying, which is why Twitter user Leviticus (who goes by the rather excellent and Borgesian handle @PierreMenard) decided to tweet him pretty much every day in response to them.

From a logical point of view, it makes perfect sense, as the reason people tweet stuff is to interact and get replies, but Russell didn't seem to be that big of a fan of it, as he never got back to him. In retrospect, he might not have replied because Big Lev (as we affectionately call him) insisted on one-upping Russell at every turn.

Eventually, he also blocked him, which was obviously tragic.

While there are a lot of tweets there, he has even more, which you can check over on his storify blog, which might help shed some light on why he was eventually blocked. Still, pretty harsh from Russ, in our view.