Ricky Gervais and Russell Crowe went on the piss in Newcastle last night and like any modern, drunken lads on a night out live-tweeted the entire thing.

While the guys deleted the pissed-up tweets soon after posting them, the folk at Vanity Fair managed to get to them first.

Firstly Gervais tweeted the below pic with the caption “Who am I getting drunk with at the moment?” Crowe immediately tweeted back, “Roger Moore?” One (since deleted) blurry pic later Crowe quipped, “see . . . that photo right there . . . the difference between TV and Cinema.”


Gervais ended the evening by tweeting “I am so drunk, you c--t! (I will delete this tweet very soon)” Which he did, and then his weary head announced this morning, “I feel a bit hungover this morning. And it’s all Noah’s fault."

Sure aren't movie stars only human an all that. Crowe hasn't tweeted yet today, we're assuming he's still in bed.