He's not just pretending or nuffink, just to get his show a bit of attention 'n tha', he's actually going to be a proper vicar to officiate a mate's weddin' - just like what Joey off Friends done. 

Poor Brand impersonations aside, he really does want to become a vicar/priest thingy, he's even filled out a form 'n that. 

Apparently he stumbled across a website offering the qualification during an afternoon surfing the internet.

A source told The Sun: "Russell is genuinely interested in the idea of marrying a couple (and then having sex with them both afterwards). Now he's getting matey with Tom Cruise, his pals have been joking that he could do the honours at the star's fourth wedding."

While Tom is a Scientologist (in case you'd forgotten), Russell recently acted as master of ceremonies when the Dalai Lama addressed thousands of young people in Manchester, North West England last month.

He said beforehand: "I've made mistakes in the past, I won't lie to you but this one I'm on my game! I'm going to crack on. I'm going to give the Dalai Lama the best show. I'm going to behave. He's a holy man, it's not pretend authority its proper authority of God! I'm going to improvise and I am going to be playing for laughs, but I've got to be entirely respectful of his holiness and that's going to be no problem because I'll tell you why, genuine respect."

And there endeth the first filler story of the day. 

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