Russell Brand has wiggled his way out of a stint in a US prison by agreeing to do 20 hours of community service and pay a $500 dollar fine after landing himself in an altercation with a photographer back in March.

37 year old Brand could well have been sentenced to a six-month jail term for allegedly throwing a photographer's iPhone through a window in New Orleans. The actor and comedian didn't appear in the New Orleans court to face his charge of criminal damage to property himself but rather had his attorney Robert Glass plead not guilty on his behalf.

Reports reveal that the case would be dismissed if Mr Brand puts forward proof that he has completed his street sweeping service requirement by the last day of August. Handy isn't it when you're famous and you can make these kinds of deals with the District Attorney's office?

Ah sher at least this will give him something juicy to talk about seeing that he's fed up with movies and going back to full time stand up.