I'm surprised someone hasn't had his love child yet, since he's been with half the female population of Britain. If Jude Law can do it, hey, anyone can. But what is it about Russell Brand that seems to attract some, lets be honest, pretty hot ladies? Is it really those trade mark tighty pants that seem to show off his man...ly figure, could it be the mound of back combed hair?

After his last romp in the night with 3 ladies a few months ago, he has now apparently had, wait for it, a 14 hour marathon. Could that be some kind of Guinness World Record? Apparently the mystery lady (surprise surprise) and Russell began their date by having dinner. Wonder if they had oysters for a main course? It's clear that their lust kicked in straight away as they two kept locking lips in view for everyone to see.

Nearly every photo of him is with a new lady. Salt N Pepa are springing to mind, 'What a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty cool man'!

-Alicia Coyle