What's he like, with all his faaayncy words 'n fings. Bound to get him into trouble weren' it! Seriously though, he's after calling a load of Cambridge students "Harry Potter poofs."

Brand was addressing Cambridge University students last night, and the best he could muster to quieten down his audience - who were cheering after he chose his preferred college crest - was "Shut up you 'Arry Poh-taah poofs!" It's the kind of thing an uncle might say to be controversially cool. A throwaway remark that Brand just lopped out there 'cause he reckon he could, what with him being one of the more camp people on the planet who has enjoyed many a man-on-man threeway (I'll spare you the details). It was a statement, while born of troof, was tinged with i-ronny, 'n that.

He was never going to get away with though, was he. The students themselves were reportedly nonplussed (one braniac tweeted: "Shut up you Harry Potter p**fs' HAHAHHAA"), but the press are having a field day over his derogatory remark.

So why was shaatin' at shtewdents, anyway? He was calling for a revolution and advising people what to do with their vote, you know, after his Paxman interview.

Next stop, Number 10. He'd be a compelling Prime Minister, getting Angela Merkel to sit on his lap 'n that.