I arrived into work this morning to the boss ogling Russell Brand in his pants on a New York terrace. "Isn't it amazing that the public can see this?" he said. I disagreed; I've seen Brand's unnerving upper body on far too many occasions and it always looks like he's wearing invisible tights. Those of you who also have to snip the elasticated waistband of your hosiery in order to avoid your innards being irreparably creased should know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, enjoy WENN's exclusive snaps of a blurry Brand in his Y'rs; no doubt I'll get asked to take them down 'cause I've not paid the "exclusive" fee. Yep, Russell Brand's pants on a Spartan terrace in New York qualifies as an exclusive in this day and age. Me, I'm more interested in the trouble next door went to with their array of potted shrubbery. Anything to distract from the bum crack.