In his new autobiography My Booky Wook By Russell Brand, he writes: "The episode that defined my relationship with women occurred in Hong Kong with my dad. I was 17. On day one we went to some sleazy dive. Before long I was sat on a bar stool with a Filipino called Mary-Lou. Then we were leaving in a cab with three Asian prostitutes my dad was drunkenly herding. Back in the hotel my dad set about unwrapping his two prostitutes. I sat on the edge of the other twin bed. She must have known I was a virgin as soon as the bungling encounter commenced... In the course of that holiday I had sex with loads more prostitutes, never wore a condom (eeeeeeeeep) and never fell in love. As my sexual appetite grew, I found myself engaged in an increasingly desperate quest to satisfy it." Losing your virginity with your dad and three prostitutes in the room? No pressure, and little wonder he knows what colour his dad's nether limb is (those of you who watched his recent Ponderland series will know what I'm referring to).