Most of them were mentioned in yesterday's Rumours, but here's a run down regardless - avec pictures. Not that they serve much purpose given the relative obscurity of some of the participants.

George  Hamilton: Nooooo, not the George Hamilton. Could you imagine? Who would commentate on France taking on 'England's B Team' this Saturday? No, it's a far kumquater fellow who's 70 and used to be a suave actor sort. So suave in fact that he's the only contestant not to be photographed in his jungle gear. Yip, he was only photographed in his tux.

Kim 'How Clean Is Your House' Woodburn: I shall be tuning in for this lady alone. At 67, she is sheer class wrapped up in a ball of raging hormones. The male contestants, particularly the younger ones, might find themselves being sponged down from behind in the water fountain. Talking to The Sun, she said: "I liked Carol That-cher, she was a hoot. When she peed over the side of the bed - I think I'll be doing that. I'm not getting out of bed at night in the dark with spiders dragging my knickers off." As I said, class.

Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan: They're the Scottish interior designers who were all over the box in the earlier part of this decade, but have minced off in the direction of digital television of late. Justin wears the trousers.

Camilla Dallerup: 35-year-old professional dancer who's appeared on Strictly Come Dancing. Will attempt to provide totty.

Gino D'Acampo: He's a celebrity chef by all accounts, with a seriously oversized head. The 43-year-old is used to working with the odd animal bollock, so some of the Bush Tuckers Trials shouldn't pose a problem: "I cooked donkey testicles with sage and butter when I was on the island of Sardinia."

Sam Fox: Last seen on TV getting hammered on some reality show in which she had to manage a bar in a Spanish tourist town. Sorry I can't be more specific. I actually looked up her name on IMDB and none of the list of shows she's appeared on rang any bells. She's appeared in a lot of German stuff, as well as "two episodes" of I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here in 2004 (so, technically, Jordan isn't the only person to appear on the show twice. Maybe they can have a boob war over that). Feel free to look at IMDB to see if you can find the name of the mysterious show I'm blathering on about. If memory serves, she got dressed up in a silver cap and pretended to be an inebriated bat? Anyway, she's the second Samantha Fox on the available list of 6 (I thought she was Samantha Fox number 1 initially, who boasts a body of work including A Night to Dismember, Slammer Girls, Working Girls, Beyond the Blue, Delivery Boys, Streetwalkin', and Violated). So, what did Sam have to say for herself before boarding the plane to Australia: "There's a lot more to me than a pair of boobs." There'd want to be at 43.

Jordan: Yep, she's on it, but won't be arriving until next week cause she's busy in LA getting pictured coming out of elective surgery clinics.

Lucy Benjamin: Yet more breasticles. She annoyed me in EastEnders, so I can only assume the 39-year-old be mildly irritating here too, especially when she's saying dither like this in PR interviews: "Three days is the longest I've ever been away from her (her 3-year-old daughter). In terms of what I might get thrown at me, nothing is going to be worse than my heartbreak." I can only begin to imagine the anguish that is being apart from a child, but if that's the case, just don't bloody do it.

Jimmy White: The presence of the 47-year-old snooker legend will probably demolish many a childhood memory.

Stuart Manning: 30-year-old nondescript Hollyoaks fodder.

Sabrina Washington: 31-year-old from Mis-Teeq who hasn't quite enjoyed the same success as Alesha Dixon. Some folk say she's one dimensional, probably because she has one  pose in modeling repertoire. She's like one of those cardboard cut out figures that you can cut out an keep along with their paper clothes. Remember, you used to get them in teen magazines? It was the closest I ever got to owning a Fashion Wheel...