He may not have won 'Love Island' this year, but Ovie was undoubtedly one of the most popular islanders with viewers.

The basketball player had a few ups and downs in the villa, but eventually settled in a couple with India. By all accounts, the pair are still happily together and have outlasted Amber and Greg - although a nasty rumour has been circulating in recent days.

India has been forced to publicly deny that she cheated on everyone's favourite Islander with footballer Kieran Gibbs  after apparently attending his birthday party in Portugal.

However, a source said: "She attended his birthday party with her family. She's in love with Ovie and would never hurt him. She's shocked and hurt at the claims."

A rep for her, meanwhile, said: "There is no truth in this whatsoever and Ovie and India are still very much together and happy."

Ovie, meanwhile, has stayed worryingly silent on the matter while half of Twitter is already urging him to couple up with Amber, now that she's single.

You thought the 'Love Island' drama ended when the series came to a close? Nahhhhhh.