All I know is that there were rumours that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are now officially divorced. Guess that makes those 'Free Katie' t-shirts pretty much redundant then... That Brangelina's kids will be appearing in movies very soon. Apparently Vivienne Jolie-Pitt who's just four years old will play a young Princess Aurora alongsider her Ma in the live-action reimagining of Sleeping Beauty. Are things that bad, lads? Let her have as normal a childhood that's possible, being your kids, for at least a few more years... That Kelsey Grammar wants 9 kids. NINE! He's approaching sixty. Sure would ya be able... That Hugh Bonneville of Downton Abbey is such a dreamboat, he caused a woman to hyperventilate while speaking to him... That Zayn Malik has quit Twitter. What the F&*£! How ever will we cope... That Cheryl Cole's mother approves of her new beau. His mother, on the other hand, wishes she'd stay as far away as possible, for fear Cheryl'll break her son's heart... That Lady GaGa has gone brunette. What do you think, yay or nay?