For those who owns dogs, you'll know that cleaning up after them is part of the responsibility.

If you're smart, you can train dogs to poo in specific area, thus making life easier and scooping it because it doesn't become a problem. However, if you bring your dog out onto a football pitch or rugby grounds and let them take a dump, you're a terrible person.

Why? Because dog poo is filled with infectious bacteria - as evidenced by Jonny Stiles, a rugby player for Newport in Wales.

Two years ago, Stiles almost lost his leg due to being tackled into dog poo on the pitch at Newport. The fecal matter, we're guessing, must have gotten into an open wound which caused... this.

Don't scroll down if you're any way squeamish.





Absolutely minging, we think you'll agree. Stiles made the plea to local residents to refrain from taking their dog on a poo walk through the pitches as two players only last week were tackled into dog poo.

On a Facebook post, Stiles explained that he was a dog lover himself, but that owners shouldn't let their dogs crap on pitches.

Pretty reasonable request.


Via Facebook