We've traded in a plank for Earthworm Jim in a pinstripe suit. Now that's progress. And, for once, we're not being snide. I'll gingerly hold up my hand and say I was a fan of Turbridy's 2fm radio show. He sounded like he was having a laugh. Not much heed was paid to his turn on Radio One, and when he got his own Saturday night slot, he looked like he was still having a certain amount of fun. Now that he's moved to the coveted Friday night Late Late Show slot, the chances of us seeing him enjoying anything but nervously orchestrated titters will be a rarity. Until he finds his hoofs, that is.

Upon hearing the "news", this is what he had to say to an RTE co-worker outside the fortress that is Montrose: "I was nervous as hell. My tummy was doing cartwheels. I just didn't know what to expect and then they said 'You've got the job'... It was more humility that triumphal. I was just humbled. I nearly fell off my seat (really? Did you really, though? That's strange; you were the most obvious person for the role *shrugs*) I had to pick my jaw up off the ground (Seriously? Are you serious?) and say 'Now be a man and accept it' (HA! I knew it, you're joking)... I was happy to be able to ring my Mum and tell her the news (nawwwww). I was so pleased for both my Mum and Dad because they've been so good to me as a son and it feels almost like it's a way of paying them back, of saying 'I got there' and I'm so glad that they're around to look and say 'well done' so that was a source of enormous pride for me today (well done, that's the parents in the viewing pool hooked)... I've got loads of ideas whirling around in my head (and could that be a bit of bait for the younger viewer?!) but because it's so new they won't come to anything for the moment (yeah, 'cause you don't want the scare off the older viewer... they're the bread and butter, and aren't fond of change) but yeah, I'm giddy with anticipation. It's very exciting."

Don't let your ideas be stifled, Ryan! Where Pat was unable to talk about collagen riddled vaginas without a face that spoke both fear/repulsion and school boy giddiness - you bellow about them with superbia! Keep mammy and daddy proud!!!

On a serious note - who's going to take over Ryan's Saturday night slot? Might RTE go the way of the Baskin and go with a bit of bappage? Our money's on Lorraine Keane. On another note....