2014: The years celebrities forgot about prophylactics and just went at it hell for leather. Jennifer Maguire threw her name into the hat this morning when she announced her baby news on RTÉ 2fm's Breakfast Republic. 

Well it wasn't so much her announcement as it was co-host Bernard O'Shea's after he told Maguire that she and Amy Huberman could 'be best friends', and then the jig was up. It will be the first child for Maguire and husband Lau Zamparelli who married in July, and the baby is expected to arrive in March.

Of course, her colleagues were the first to start taking the piss but in a loving way, with Maguire getting in on the act and tweeting the below.

The news came hot on the heels of Amy Huberman's baby bump reveal yesterday, as well as Samantha Mumba and Una Foden's announcements that were far overshadowed by the Royal Baby 2.0 news from earlier in the week.

Seriously, did someone send out a memo? Was it Anna Wintour? Are babies in now?