If you've been on Twitter this past week, a new account has mystified and entertained Ireland with its inner workings of the state broadcaster.

The so-called Secret Producer account on Twitter has been sending out messages, purportedly revealing long-standing practices and procedures within RTE that the Secret Producer feels is holding them back.

Whether the details are true or not has yet to be determined, however a report in the Irish Times last night has it that a major investigation is now underway in RTE to uncover the identity of the Secret Producer.

A strongly-worded circular was sent to RTE staff last night, reminding them of the broadcaster's policies on social media. In a statement released to press yesterday, the broadcaster called the account "profoundly disloyal to staff, brings the organisation into disrepute, and in a public forum, is a disservice to all of us."

The statement also stated that those "involved in this handle, directly or indirectly, will be held to account," and that RTE is currently seeking to "establish the identity of the individual behind the @rtesecretpro account."

Secret Producer hasn't tweeted since 2.45PM yesterday afternoon.


Via Irish Times