The lines between fantasy and reality appear to be blurring for Mickey Rourke. The award-winning actor and owner of a face which is one of the most startling advertisements against plastic surgery that I have ever seen, is set to try his hand in professional wrestling. Rourke is hotly tipped to win an Academy Award for his brilliant performance as Randy 'The Ram' Robinson in The Wrestler and, oddly, hasn't even seen the film yet but while he doesn't have time for that, he apparently does have time to throw himself about in spandex trousers for the WWE. Rourke has apparently been in talks with WWE honcho Vince McMahon about making an appearance at their annual "WrestleMania" showcase.  Rourke was quoted saying, " I think I'm gonna do WrestleMania in Houston, and Chris Jericho, you better get in shape because I'm coming after your ass". Charming. I think I remember Laurence Olivier saying the same thing.

-John Balfe