Congrats to the couple! 36-year-old Byrne and 45-year-old Boardwalk Empire actor Bobby began dating in 2012, and have starred alongside each other in such films as Adult Beginners and Annie.

If you're thinking - "I'd know idea they were even dating, never mind expecting a child" - that's OK. They've both been rather quiet regarding their union. In fact, one of the only references to it was when Cannavale thanked her during his 2013 Emmys speech, saying "And I want to thank the love of my life, Rose."

Meanwhile, one of the only references the Aussie actress has made to her relationship was when she announced she wasn't a romantic person during an interview with Elle Canada: "To be honest, I'm not naturally that much of a romantic person - Australians don't like making a fuss. I have trouble with things that feel very manufactured, like Valentine's Day. I'm trying to get better at romance."

Via Us Weekly