Considering how people are running away from the Trump White House like it's on fire, it's more than a little surprising to see Rory McIlroy being photographed alongside Donald Trump.

The golfer played a four-ball with the Grand Imperial Cheeto over the weekend, despite the fact that he pulled out of the Abu Dhabi Championship last month due to an injury. Not unsurprisingly, McIlroy's been the subject of huge criticism both from fans and professionals alike.




Speaking after their little game, McIlroy told that Trump "probably shot around 80" and that he's a "decent player for a guy in his 70s!"

As well as playing golf this weekend with McIlroy, Donald Trump made up a terrorist attack in Sweden (which the Swedish Prime Minister had to publicly debunk) and invited a guy who prays to a cardboard standee of him up on stage to praise him some more. So, yeah, maybe pick better people to play golf with.


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