Seems Rory had his sights set on taking over Tiger Woods' world number one ranking for quite some time. Nine-year-old Rory was a man with a plan and he had no problem letting Tiger know that.

The New York Times published an article today profiling the Northern Ireland golfer and in it they mentioned a letter the young Rory wrote to his childhood hero. The exact wording of the letter is unknown but the article did give the paraphrased version Rory's uncle and godfather Brian McIlroy sent in an email which went more or less like "I’m coming to get you. This is the beginning. Watch this space."

McIlroy himself then later said; "A lot of those memories have kind of blurred together. But, yeah, it went something like that."

However he doesn't know if Tiger ever actually received the letter, which is unlikely in fairness. Either way, Tiger certainly knows all about Rory these days.

Woods himself has recently fallen out of the Top 100 for the first time since he came to prominence while Rory will be hopefully heading for his fifth Major win in the Masters in the August this year.

If he wins this, he will have achieved what only four other golfers have done before him (including Woods) and achieved a career Grand Slam.

Yep, fair to say, nine-year-old Rory fulfilled his promise!