"Doesn't it look like a faaayce?!" By all accounts, Ronan Keating's own dog didn't do that to him, rather a doctor did this time last week. And technically it's not really a selfie, what with it requiring both of his hands to hoist up his t-shirt.

The singer thankfully didn't post this on @ROandSTORMY; would've put their combined followers right of their morning mochachinos. Instead he posted the below on his official feed last night.

According to The Independent, "the singer was rushed to hospital with a mysterious illness last week. Following the procedure, believed to be for the removal of his gallbladder, he assured fans he was 'doing well'."

Gallbladder, eh? Seriously, it looks like an alien's trying to force his face out through his stomach, you can see the eyes and everything.
>Heave alert: Ronan and Storm have acquired a joint twitter account @ROandSTORMY