Now, before you start thinking Ronan's of the opinion he deserved to get his end away with a blonde backing dancer in her 20s, he's actually making reference to the fact that his estranged wife, Yvonne, has after moving on with a fine Kildare-born camera man by the name of John Conroy.

Speaking of the split, Ronan told a UK radio station: "It’s been a tough couple of years, to be honest. I deserve what I got, basically. You gotta dust yourself off and pick yourself up and do the best you can do - you make mistakes... We tried to get over it, but we couldn’t and now I’m a single man again. It’s been devastating for the children. We still spend as much time together as we can. It’s all amicable but it’s been hard. We obviously don’t have the ­closeness we used to have. That’s the hardest thing to bear."

Then he went on to plug his daughter's new movie: "My 11-year-old daughter Missy made a film this year, a lead in a movie which is coming out in February, it’s called Dark Touch. It’s a horror flick which is a bit scary for an 11-year-old. But great things happening - it’s good, it’s positive."

Very positive, especially considering Yvonne met John Conroy on the set of said movie.