ShhhRonan Keating and his missus of 12 years, Yvonne, have called it a day. Perhaps he was spending too much time in the gym...

The statement issued earlier today reads: "With great sadness, Ronan and Yvonne Keating today announce their separation. The separation is amicable and they will continue to work together in order to provide the best for their (3) children. The family ask for privacy at this difficult time."

We would've been none the wiser without the statement, but thanks all the same.
There are no other details (sordid or otherwise) as yet. They'll probably flood the front pages tomorrow.

UPDATED: I stand corrected, The Mirror have started already:

"Rather unfortunately, only a few days ago, Ronan said in a new interview that he didn’t know why Yvonne was still with him - 'I can't believe Yvonne has stuck with me for so long,' he said. 'I still get incredibly jealous. The green-eyed monster rears its ugly head and brings out all my insecurities. I don’t like it if Yvonne is out without me. I just can’t help it.'"