Joe Simpson is a good judge of character. The man he's currently pimping Jessica out to, Dallas Cowboy Tony Romo, is showboating himself to be a basic individual according to the following source: "Tony Romo was in town, and he was bar hopping with some buddies of his from Chicago. He had the nerve to put Jessica on speakerphone and talk about their sex life with all his guys listening and laughing at her. Not only is this girl dumb, but she is completely self-conscious about her bedroom skills. After a few too many drinks, he told everyone he and Jessica are over (well, that might explain his preference for hiding behind headwear...) They're taking a 'break.' He could never see himself being serious and marrying this girl. He's just having fun with her. It's funny everyone is talking about them getting married when they're completely over. Sorry Jessica, Tony had his fun with you, and now is on to bigger and better things." Is it me, or does this claim sound like it's coming from a stereotypically catty homosexual? You can almost hear the finger clicking at the end.