It's the classic romantic tale really. Guy sees the girl of his dreams in the supermarket. Guy takes a photo of her. Guy starts an online campaign to be 'reunited' with her. 

Except to some the idea is far from romantic and actually quite creepy. 

Brok Neilson thought it was love at first sight when he spotted the mystery brunette from afar in the fruit and veg section of supermaket chain Woolworth's on Monday. However, it seems Brok didn't have the guts to approach her in person. Then his mates decided to mortify him by setting up a Facebook Page to find the girl called Hope For Brok. His pal Blake posted on the Woolworth's Facebook page a message for the 'girl that got away' along with an image of her from behind which comes across as quite voyeuristic. 

The campaign drew a lot of likes and Woolworths responded positively to the post in the most puntastic way possible. 

All in good fun right? Well actually not everyone agrees with Woolworths' position on this. 

Ugh. Awkward. So what do you think? Is it kind of romantic? Or really creepy?

Via Mashable