Some of the world’s leading actors have joined forces in a new children’s educational project called GivingTales.

It aims to produce engaging and entertaining versions of popular children’s fairy tales, while helping to teach and educate children worldwide, and is committing 30% of its revenue to Unicef to help children around the world.

Developed in association with Roger Moore, Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF and featuring the voice talents of world-renowned actors including Ewan McGregor, Unicef UK Ambassador, Stephen Fry, and Dame Joan Collins, Hans Christian Andersen's timeless fairy tales have now been modernised and condensed into colorful illustrations that capture the enjoyable life-lessons that are synonymous with Andersen's stories.

Available for free download starting today on Apple, Android, and Windows Phone 8 mobile devices, the app comes with The Princess and the Pea (Sir Roger Moore, KBE), and each additional story is available for download for $3.99 each. Other available stories in the first series include: The Emperor’s New Clothes (Dame Joan Collins, DBE), The Little Match Girl (Ewan McGregor, OBE) and The Ugly Duckling (Stephen Fry).

Speaking about the launch, Moore said "I’ve been a long time admirer of Hans Christian Andersen’s work, and I think it’s a wonderful collection of fairy stories for children and adults alike", while Stephen Fry highlighted that Andersen's tales deal with many universal issues, such as bravery, selflessness and compassion: "The Ugly Duckling is the primal story about bullying and self belief - it is a marvelous tale".