Fingers crossed they don't pull a Posh and Becks and name the child after the location, otherwise it's going to be called Manhattan or some other odd name. With names like Rochelle and Marvin though, they were never going to call it Anne or Barry though now really.

Anyway, Rochelle got all oversharey and TMI with Fabulous magazine and told them how their baby to be was conceived in the Big Apple. Currently six months pregnant with her first child, Rochelle has said she knew she was expecting a baby within weeks of a romantic getaway to NYC taken by the couple when she took a break from filming the girl band's E! reality show, 'Chasing The Saturdays', but she waited until she was reunited with her spouse before taking a test to confirm her suspicions.

'We were in Los Angeles filming for a few weeks and then we had a few days together in New York, followed by another stint out in LA. I knew I was pregnant within a matter of weeks but I wanted to wait till I saw Marvin to be absolutely positive. We did the test together. Marvin was so happy. I think he felt all sort of manly. He was just really excited because he absolutely loves kids and he's brilliant with them.'

They're prepping for arrival of the little probably singing nipper in May, and Mr. Hume has been reading up with a handbook on pregnancy designed specifically for men or so Rochelle says. 'I don't have a maternity book but every night Marvin sits with his chuckling to himself and reading bits out like, 'This week you are going to feel... He carries it around with him everywhere. It's blue and covered with little cartoons of sperm and he absolutely loves it. It's been written by a man so it's full of things like, 'Her boobs will get bigger, which is great, but you can't touch them, which is not great.' ' Sound advice.