That's right, science has given us a guarantee that by 2017, the chore of cooking food for ourselves will be long gone.

Instead of having to come home and fish a pizza out of the freezer, then sit down on the couch as we wait endlessly (13 minutes) for it to cook, we can now outsource that mundane task to a robot. Well not now, but in the near future. 

The people at Moley Robotics say that they're on target for a 2017 launch of the commercial version of their robot chef, which will be able to make about 2,000 different dishes. You can scroll through the options and choose what you want to eat that night, all from your smartphone, and then your robot will get to the task of cooking it up for you. 

We look forward to humanity reaching the point where we don't even need to stand up to make food anymore. Look at us now, hunter gatherer ancestors! 

Via Uproxx