He may have tried to win her over after their marriage ended by calling his 2014 album 'Paula', but it seems that Robin Thicke's relationship with his ex-wife has gotten particularly ugly.

The pop star - best known for 'Blurred Lines', of course - has been ordered by a judge to stay away from actress Paula Patton, and is only allowed monitored visits with their 6-year-old son Julian.

The pair - who were together for 21 years before splitting in 2014 - have been embroiled in a long-running custody battle and Patton has alleged both emotional and physical abuse during their marriage. She says that the singer has 'traumatised' both her and the child by demanding visitation and refusing to leave her mother's house on January 19th, which was 'terrifying'.

In her court filing, she also that he had been abusive during their marriage, pushing her to the ground and kicking her during a fight in 2013, that he was unfaithful numerous times and had a substance abuse problem.

Thicke's lawyer, on the other hand, claims that she has made the claims as a 'retaliatory move' after she was recently denied sole custody. Thicke is also seeking sole custody.

Either way, you have to feel for the poor child in all of this.


Via Billboard